The Special Pillow

Sleeping Beauty

by The Special Pillow

Released 2007
Released 2007
Psychedelic pop encompassing winsome melodies, garage-rock crunch, snappy bubblegum hooks, orchestral flourishes, tripped-out ambience, and multipartite epics
SLEEPING BEAUTY, the third album by The Special Pillow, finds the band streamlining its roster, sharpening its hooks, and expanding its musical palette. The pop songs are ridiculously catchy, the freaky parts are super-freaky, the heavy rock is extra heavy and rocky, and the quieter moments are ultra-pastoral.


A marvelous blend of ’60s psychedelia and ’90s space-rock textures . . . a fanciful, dreamy set of low-key, jangly/droney pop nuggets, with literate, impressionistic lyrics, highly recommended.”

“Affecting pop . . . ingenious arrangements.”
—Time Out New York

“There are a bunch of terrific songs here . . . colored with jangly guitars and swooning violin . . . a stunning, off-kilter pop record.”—Splendid

“Lilting, folk-y melodies shine throughout, as do inventive violin and viola arrangements. . . . Well worth the wait for fans . . . and a nice, warm place to enter as a novitiate.”

“An extraordinary agglomeration.”
—Ptolemaic Terrascope